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HTCA training course is available to partner providers on a monthly basis in Dallas, TX. HTCA training consist of a didactical portion in which providers will be trained from the ground up on everything they need to know about hormones, their roles in the human body and much more. A hands-on practical training follows where providers will be trained on the pellet procedure on both male and female patients completed by one of HTCA’s Medical Directors. Providers will be given the opportunity to complete the procedure on a live male and female patient.

(Please reach out to us on group trainings at your location)

2019 Training Dates

  • August 16th-17th
  • September 13th-14th
  • October 18th-19th
  • November 15th-16th

Training Fee: $2,500.00

Additional Providers: $750.00

Ancillary Staff: FREE

Hotel Accommodation discounts provided by HTCA. Please contact us to learn more.

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