Regenesys Physical Medicine

425 Old Newman Rd #100,
Frisco, TX 75036

The providers at Regenesys Physical Medicine in Frisco, Texas prefer natural products over synthetic most of the time. That’s especially true when it comes to hormone replacement. Men and women alike benefit from this innovative, natural way of re balancing your hormones. Regenesys providers take an integrated and multidisciplinary team approach to your care that enables them to create thorough, personalized, and sensible treatment strategies that are patient-focused. They believe strongly in your body’s natural healing ability and offer innovative, regenerative, evidence-based therapy solutions that address pain at its source.

Regenesys Physical Medicine has partnered up with Hormone Therapy Centers of America to provide the best bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for their patients to feel younger and live better. They are dedicated to offering the safest and most effective health care options to their patients. Call Regenesys’ office today to schedule a consultation and find out if pellet therapy is the right option for you.