Modoma Health and Wellness

13465 Inwood Rd #120,
Dallas, TX 75244

Modoma is a medically directed health and wellness clinic providing physical medicine and rehabilitation. We combine the benefits of massage with the medical practicality of physical therapy.

Using a comprehensive discovery process, we can focus on you as a whole to accurately pinpoint and treat the root of your problem(s), not just the symptoms.

Many healthcare professionals focus on the dynamic and more complex aspects of rehabilitation while neglecting the beginning phases of care. At Modoma, we believe the beginning stages build the foundation for optimal health, which is why we focus on combining relaxation therapy with total body wellness.

Founded in 2013, Modoma was initially structured around the concept of MedMassage — fusing the relaxation process with massage, physical medicine and rehabilitation. MedMassage encompasses manual therapy, deep tissue work, active-release techniques, stretching, and other modalities to release pinched nerves and built-up tension as well as providing a proactive approach to overall health. According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), “More than half of adult Americans self-medicate with a massage.”

Over time, we expanded into other modalities to offer the Modoma Health Framework™ — a comprehensive set of services made available to you to facilitate maximum medical improvement in the least amount of time. Utilizing the Modoma Health Framework, we develop personalized treatment plans and prescribe specific products and services to help you reach optimum health.

Our mission is to reduce stress, increase function, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

Modoma Health and Wellness has partnered up with Hormone Therapy Centers of America to provide the best bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for thier patients to feel younger and live better. Modoma is dedicated to offering the safest and most effective health care options to thier patients. Call Modoma Health and Wellness today to schedule a consultation and find out if pellet therapy is the right option for you.