Dr. Mary K. Migliori

2200 E Warm Springs Ave #102,
Boise, ID 83712


Integrative Medicine of Idaho

Dr. Mary Migliori practiced medicine as a board certified anesthesiologist for 23 years before she transitioned into Functional and Integrative Medicine. Since 2006, she has focused her attention on preventive medicine and on finding and treating the root cause of complex chronic illnesses. She studied to become a Diplomate in the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Fellowship. She is also a Diplomate in the American Academy of Integrative Medicine and in the American Academy of Ozonotherapy while being a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM). She attends 4-6 conferences each year to maintain her knowledge of the most recent advances in medicine. Integrative Medicine of Idaho is a revolutionary practice, helping those throughout the Treasure Valley find a new way to address their health issues. Through a holistic lens, we are able to address your symptoms by finding the root cause. This is done through proper diagnostic testing on your first visit followed by more in-depth biomarker testing through serum, saliva, urine and/or stool and hair if necessary.
Dr. Mary Migliori is a licensed Medical Doctor in Idaho and California. She focuses on the well-being of her patients like no other. She spends her time learning about her patients, researching their health problems and working to create the most appropriate wellness plan possible. Her dedication to her patients is unmatched, because she really cares.
Dr. Migliori looks forward to helping you optimize your own health through proper balancing of naturally occurring hormones that provide significant health benefits while improving your overall sense of well-being. Dr. Mary Migliori has partnered up with Hormone Therapy Centers of America to provide the best bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for her patients to feel younger and live better. She is dedicated to offering the safest and most effective health care options to her patients. Call Dr. Migliori’s office today to schedule a consultation and find out if pellet therapy is the right option for you.