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HTCA partners with healthcare professionals to provide a full turnkey solution to successfully implement Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy into your Practice, Clinic, or Med Spa. Our program consists of three core components: Training and Education, Dosing and Prescribing, and Marketing to your existing as well as external patients.

Training & Education

Medical practitioners HTCA offers our providers a comprehensive training course that includes both a didactic and practical session taught by our experienced Medical Directors. Ancillary staff is provided onsite training to introduce best practices, marketing tools, and much more.

HTCA providers are given access to all research and new studies that are released on BHRT. Along with clinical assistance from HTCA medical directors on our comprehensive dosing site.

Pellet Therapy Platform

Dosing and E-Prescribing:

Medical practitioners – certified and trained through HTCA – are able to utilize our proprietary dosing calculator developed through the experience and research of HTCA. This simplifies the process of determining the correct dosage of the pellets needed for each individual patient. Blood tests that each patient is administered provide precise values of the necessary measured aspects of each patient assuring their provider is prescribing the optimal dosage for their needs and situation.

Inventory Management:

A pellet inventory is placed in the practice by HTCA for qualifying providers. A full inventory management system tracks the usage and on-hand count to ensure an adequate pellet inventory is available at all times. HTCA works with the practice to manage and replenish the inventory as needed. 

HTCA Documentation, Clinical Supplies, and Nutraceuticals:

Providers are given access and licensed to use HTCA’s proprietary documentation including office forms, patient forms and patient waivers. Providers are conveniently able to order new clinical supplies required for the pellet therapy procedure and nutraceuticals directly from the pellet therapy platform.

HTCA Compounding Protocol:

After extensive research and partnering with FDA-Certified Compounding labs, HTCA has formulated a standardized pellet dosage that simulates Bioidentical hormones through natural plant-based formulas. All of our pellets undergo continuous testing of multiple property values by third-party independent labs. This ensures our physicians and patients receive consistent, safe, and highly effective pellets.


HTCA offers our proven Marketing strategies and tools to promote BHRT to new and existing patients. HTCA provides in-office marketing materials including informational brochures, posters, and patient surveys to promote Pellet Therapy within the practice.

All HTCA providers will be added to our network of providers and be placed on our provider directory for patients to locate their closest HTCA provider.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in becoming and HTCA provider is simple. You can register here for one of our upcoming training courses. If you would like to speak with an HTCA representative, please contact us at 855-416-1110 or email us at practitionerinquiry@ht-ca.com.

About HTCA

HTCA partners with healthcare professionals to provide a full turnkey solution to successfully implement Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy using Subcutaneous pellets into any practice. Learn more about HTCA’s proven Turnkey Solution.
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Benefits to provider

Partnering with HTCA to implement Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy into your practice benefits including first class education and training, proven success strategies and tools vital for your success. Learn about the many benefits to partnering with HTCA.
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Benefits to patients

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy using Subcutaneous pellets offers countless benefits to both male and female patients. Pellet Therapy not only treats symptomatic issues but aids in protecting patients from other age related symptoms.
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