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Armi Lynn Walker, MD

Cary Shakespeare, MD

Serving Bakersfield and the surrounding areas since 1994, the Women’s Care Center is your premier destination for obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Armi Lynn Walker and Dr. Cary Shakespeare have over 50 years of combined expertise in women’s health.

The mission at the Women’s Care Center is to provide compassionate care of the highest quality by always placing the well-being of their patients above all else. Having served on numerous committees dedicated to improving healthcare, they are well known in the community for being passionate advocates for patient safety and unwavering voices for the rights of every patient.

Dr. Walker and Dr. Shakespeare provide individualized, patient-centered care. They have learned the art of medicine by listening to their patients and then applying the expertise that is developed through years of experience. Their patient care outcomes and quality metrics have always been among the highest in the area because they always pay great attention to the smallest of details.

Dr. Walker and Dr. Shakespeare have partnered up with Hormone Therapy Centers of America to provide the best bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for their patients to feel younger and live better. They are dedicated to offering the safest and most effective health care options to their patients. Call Dr. Walker and Dr. Shakespeare’s office today to schedule a consultation and find out if pellet therapy is the right option for you.

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